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"It's fitting that one of the most innovative speaker's series around has the most unusual slogan you'll ever hear... "
​--Rick Kisonak , Seven Days Columnist, Film Critic / 3-11-15  

"Pithy evening classes with some of the most interesting and creative characters around..."
--Gayle Hanson, Correspondent, Times-Argus


Leda Schubert
,  Children's Book Author; Stephen Morris, Publisher, Beer Scholar; Carol Weyland, Veterinarian;
Anais Mitchell, Musician, Lyricist;Carol Weyland, Veterinarian; Lincoln Earle-Centers, Tree Expert; Susan Abbott, Painter; Rosemary Gladstar, Herbalist; 
Andrea Carbonneau, Photographer; John Stark Bellamy, Vermont Crime Chronicler; Jeanne Haskell, Life and Enneagram Coach;Fred Wilber, Musician and Live Music Promoter, Ellie Blachly, Historic Furniture Expert, Upholsterer;Lark Upson, Artist, Builder; Trevor Tait, Shop Master;Tom Blachly,  Shakespearean Scholar; Judy Cyprian, Conflict Resolution Expert;Adam Woogmaster, Chef

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TOWN BRAINTAP is a private, non-profit volunteer-operated entity, not connected to, funded by or governed by any other organizations.


Ricka McNaughton, Co-Creator, Operations Director, Web Content/Design    
Jeanne Haskell, Co-creator, provider of imagination, logistical support and other ongoing acts of generosity.

Thanks will always go to Emily Johansen who has moved out of state but whose sense of the possible and executive mindset were elemental to getting Town Braintap off the ground. We miss you Emily. 


In other local biz:

TOWN BRAINTAP is also an admirer/supporter of the new community and concert space
THE FLYING STAGE venue in Barre, Vermont.  To see info about the next event click here.

We are Ridiculously Grateful to our Presenters

Our presenters receive no pay for educating and entertaining you. We cannot overstate our thanks for their donated time and expertise in support of the aims of TOWN BRAINTAP.   Some presenters are experienced public speakers and/or educators by training. Some aren't, but they have knowledge about subjects they know and love, and are willing to share it with us. See some of our past presenters at right and more about them here:  

What Events Cost; Where the Money Goes

TOWN BRAINTAP is not a fundraising organization. Its primary purpose is to provide stimulating and unusual local talks and events in our rural area, and to bring neighbors together for a little quality face time. We do ask for a suggested donation of $10.00 at the door (or whatever you can comfortably toss in the box). At the end of each season we pay the proceeds forward to an organization of our choice that helps enrich the minds and lives of young people in our community. 

So, come to an event for the pleasure of learning something with others who share your curiosities.  Come to meet some intriguing people you might not otherwise have the opportunity to know. Do something besides whatever your same-old-same-old is. But know that if you do come, you'll also be helping programs that enrich the lives of young people in your communities and kindle a love of reading in children at a formative age. 

you've spent any time around here, it can't have escaped your notice that many of our Central Vermont communities are awash in people with extraordinary talents and expertise, valuable old-fashioned  know-how and a love of studying, doing and creating all manner of interesting things. We love tapping into a little of what they know and bringing it to you.     

The Internet brought us stupendous tools for learning, sharing and expressing ideas. It also, ironically, brought on a kind of social disconnect, with more people living in isolated trenches of online vs. real human connectivity. Absent is the intimacy and vibrancy of the live learning experience. The problem with intriguing adult classes or guest-speaker events offered by learning institutions and other organizations is this: They often require significant outlays of money and time to attend, to say nothing of a long drive. For people in our area, Town Braintap events are cheap and minutes away. They don't require a commitment of multiple dates. You get to meet your neighbors.     


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