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NOTE FROM RICKA: This is by no means presently an accurate list. In many cases the source info used did not show the year in which the  event was scheduled (2015 or 2016)  I left off those I thought were 2015, and also those prior to June 2016.  I did not get into 2017 as yet.  But if we do this, we'll show events as far into the future as people want.  

If you were given this URL for a look at the DreamCal Site Demo, pay no attention to the Town Braintap masthead and navigation above.  Look at content below.  If /when launched it will be exported to its own site

A great way to tap into knowledge and know-how lurking in your community

Avoid a scheduling nightmare 

DreamCal Q & A: 

​What's the concept here?
To provide a quick way for local venue managers to avoid scheduling events on the same dates.   
How would it work?  
An administrator could provide a simple, filterable Excel spreadsheet online featuring at-a-glance, date-based arrangement of info. (Sample Below)  The Excel file can be password protected..
As a venue manager, how much of my time and attention would this require?
​To make it easy on busy venue managers, the administrator would actively collect and input information from them at specified time intervals (to be decided.) You'd be prompted by email to provide new listings (tentative or confirmed) ready to post since the past prompt. That way participants don't have to take it upon themselves to remember to post information.

What about other such efforts in the works?

It's just an idea for a fast, temporary fix while (and if) other slower options make their way to fruition. 
What would venue managers have to contribute, cost wise? 
Dunno yet.  But the goal  is:  A very modest amount.