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Town Braintap presentations are informal, unstuffy events. Come whether you have a serious interest in a topic or are just intrigued. Bring your curiosity and thoughts to share.

​WE URGE YOU TO PRE-REGISTER, as a courtesy to our presenters and a management tool for us.  Where an event specifies "MUST" pre-register, we mean it, but in the nicest possible way.  Event logistics require it.  For other events, walk-ins are welcome provided we still have a seat to offer. Are you the last minute decider type?  We get it.  You're welcome to call or text to see if we still have room.  802-522-3172        

DEAR VISITORS: We've lost our key volunteer mangers to other professional demands and parts of the country. We're on pause while we contemplate how the future might look. Meanwhile, if you have questions, feel free to contact Ricka McNaughton:  802-522-3172  rickamcn@charter.net

​​FALL Town Braintap Events           


WHAT EVENTS COST: Suggested donation of $10.00 at the door or whatever amount you'd like to toss in the box.  If you're a frequent Braintapper, give yourself a freebie now and then. 
Each season we gift all proceeds f to an organization of our choice that helps enrich the minds and lives of young people in our community. Once again this season we'll be donating all proceeds to support the good work of Twinfield Union School's community mentoring and literacy programs.  ​

TOWN BRAINTAP is not by design a fundraising organization. It's primary purpose is to provide stimulating and unusual local talks and events in our rural area, and to bring neighbors together for a little quality face time. We cannot overstate our thanks to the generous presenters above (see also this page) for donating their time and expertise.​ 

​Zee Bagel, and Zee Sauce (separate learning segments) 

An Evening of Scratch Cooking 

With Chef Adam Woogmaster
DATE: Wed., Nov. 4 at 6:30 pm   LOCATION: Goddard College Kitchen, Plainfield, VT    
123 Pitkin Rd. Plainfield 
Park in lower lot, follow signs to Dining Room in the large Haybarn Building

Much enticing food is served at Goddard College to on-going rotations of students and staff from all over the globe. A dining room favorite?  Batches of fragrant, freshly made bagels with a fluffy-chewy awesomeness all their own. Chef Adam Woogmaster will show you how he makes them. Adam is also a lover of sauces.  In a separate segment you'll learn about the building blocks of pan sauces and not to be afraid of high heat and its transformative effects on taste.He'll also explain a nifty mental tool for cooks that he calls "tastualization." The bagel-making will be participatory. For practical reasons, the sauces will be a demonstration. Plan to spend about two hours. This includes time to eat what we've made together. 

Adam Woogmaster has a larder full of cooking, teaching and life experiences. Among them:
He ran the kitchen at Positive Pie in Montpelier, and ran a training program for young men with troubled pasts, teaching them to operate an in-house eatery called, unabashedly, "The Bad Boy Bistro" at Barre's Local Agricultural Community Exchange (a.k.a. LACE, sadly, no longer in operation.) While working out of state he once was called upon to prepare a side dish for a U.S. President, although he wasn't told in advance who the dish was for. Adam also served as coordinator and Dean of Students at Maple Hill School in Plainfield, VT. He's also worked in the music biz and and has been known to sing and dance while cooking​

PRE-REGISTER (Highly recommended)    

​The Roots of Beer:  
A Talk and Tasting Experience 
with Stephen Morris, author, publisher and beer lover

DATE:  Wed., Oct. 7, 7pm. 
​LOCATION: Private residence, Hollister Hill, Marshfield, VT   
(Registrants will be provided directions)

This is an event for people who enjoy beer and want to enjoy it more. Stephen Morris set out in 1978 to find out why the state of beer in the United States was so dismal. While lively and delightful brews were available to beer drinkers worldwide, the American beer drinker was limited to bland, fizzy, yellow brews. Stephen found out why, but he also encountered startling evidence that beer was on the brink of a revolution, a revolution now in full swing with Vermont as its epicenter. 

Stephen's talk, which will pause for several tastings of representative brews, will examine why beer is such an important piece of our culture, tracing its origins to before the dawn of recorded history. Then he'll delve into how beer is made.  

As backdrop for the current state of beer, Stephen will relate parts of his own colorful story, "The Great Beer Trek," which refers both to his own inquisitive travels and the resulting book of that name.  Finally, he will provide some practical information to increase your Beer IQ so that you can discover what he calls "your inner beer geek."  

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: When not swilling suds Stephen publishes a magazine that provides "practical information for friends of the environment" called Green Living Journal, and he publishes books under the imprint of The Public Press. Industry observers in some parts of the globe have credited Stephen's early writings for helping to stir up the microbrew revolution worldwide -- a notion, he feels, that wouldn't stand up to rigorous fact checking. Stephen also has a few novels under his belt, and was a member of a garage band in his youth that's now --inexplicably to him -- up for induction into his home state's Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame. 


Do Plants Think?  

Nature's Elegant Problem Solvers   

With Lincoln Earle-Centers, eco-philosopher and tree care professional 
DATE: Wed. Oct. 21 at 7pm 
LOCATION: Twinfield Union School 

Without the help of brains or smartphones, plants (including trees) behave and communicate in astonishingly smart ways. Some call this a form of intelligence. There is perhaps far more to this than we understand as yet. The body of beliefs about plant intelligence stems from a fertile mix of sources. They include the findings of modern naturalists, the observations of those who grow, care for and observe plant life, the compelling teachings of spiritualists and primitive cultures, and the latest eye-opening inquiries of scientists. 

Lincoln will talk about his favorite theories and own observations of plant intelligence. He'll also touch on the survival strategies that plants and people have in common, such as making a comfortable living, monitoring the environment, dealing with competition for resources and the like. Though by October most plants around here have gone by or have dormancy on their minds, there is never a bad time to delve appreciatively into their deeper mysteries.  


​ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Lincoln Earle-Centers, a certified arborist, is the owner-operator of Sylvan Tree Care based in Marshfield, VT, with a philosophy of thoughtful and environmentally low-impact methods of tree care. He's often called upon to climb towering or inaccessible trees without the aid of buckets or cranes. This work has a spiritual side for him, and it affords him an especially good space in which to contemplate the mechanisms and strivings of both the natural and human-made world. Crunching business numbers and volunteering his tax preparation skills to senior citizens also informs his ideas about the imperatives and sacrifices of making a satisfying living.    


Creature Comforts

Nutrition, Wellness and First Aid for Your Pet

​with Veterinarian Carol Weyland
(and a canine para-educator)
DATE: Wed., Oct. 28 at 7 pm   LOCATION: Twinfield Union School    

Veterinarian Carol Weyland emphasizes that no one form of medicine or diet is good for every animal. It's important to find out what works. In her years of practice, Carol has found out what works and doesn't work for a good many animals. She specializes in holistic care, natural diets, acupuncture, and herbal medicine.

She'll cover nutrition issues, including the benefits of raw and home-made diets you can provide and adapt for your pet. She'll also cover home treatments, emergency and minor first aid you can do yourself, and discuss when you should get your pet to a vet pronto. Bring your questions and stories.        

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: After working in other practices, Carol Weyland began her own practice "Healing Paws House Calls," serving primarily dogs and cats, a little over 5 years ago. She felt a special bond with animals at a very young age.  As a child she was always bringing home strays, a habit not always appreciated by the household. Being good at math and science ran in the family. Her sister became a doctor but Carol chose animals over humans. ​(We should note here that Carol currently has all the clients she can take on. But in service to both animals and humans, she's sharing her expertise this evening.)