If You Can't
Make an Event

If a talk fills up we'll start a waiting list.  Therefore, if you find you can't make a talk you signed up for, even the same day, let us know so we might be able to reach someone who'd like to go in your place. Call Ricka at 522-3172 or email rickamcn@charter.net

If a Talk is Canceled 

If we have to cancel an event for any reason (terrible weather, or if a speaker can't make it, etc.) we'll get word to you using the contact info you provided us.  

When, How to Pay 
Pay by check or cash when you come to the event.  You can pay the suggested donation of $10.00 or whatever amount works for you.   

OPTION ONE  (Quick and Easy)
Use the simple online reservation form below
.  (Scroll down page)        

OPTION TWO  (Low Tech)  

Call Ricka at 802-522-3172

If you get voicemail, leave your name, the name of the event(s) or presenter(s) you want to sign up for, your email address (and phone number optional) to ensure that we can reach you in a pinch if something changes. 

How to Register

(Don't forget to hit the brown "SUBMIT" button when you are done) 

A great way to tap into knowledge and
know-how lurking in your community